About EoI

in a nutshell...

End of infinity is a multimedia comic guided by its readers.

Want to boss the characters around? You can, via telegrams addressed to any of the characters.

So go on, read it, and enjoy!
You can navigate with the buttons, or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

the long version...

Drawn in a decopunk style, End of Infinity tells the tale of a time of recovery long after an immense societal collapse. The characters live out their adventures both in the waking world and the literal dreamland of Phantasmagoria.

EOI is led by myself, Cari "MiX" Garafalo, with occasional help from close friends, and a very heavy dose of reader participation.

As such, reader participation is always encouraged. This project was made for participants, by participants, and is intended as a toy for everyone to share and enjoy together. EOI is what we all make it. And by "we" I do mean reader and author alike. I am supplying a world that anyone can adapt and use at their will (but not for profit).
Role Playing, AU's, OC's, etc., have at it, guys.

Throughout the story Arcs, the Telegram Office will open to take requests for what the characters should do next. Readers, that's your chance to send in messages commanding them to your will! Depending on what you write, the plot will either continue on as planned or branch off due to Telegram intervention.

MMIC's and you

EOI is a Multi-Media Interactive Comic or MMIC (ˈmi-mik), a new storytelling medium that can include (but is not limited to) aspects such as:

- the use of experimental narrative and/or dialogue
- unconventional delivery of narration and/or dialogue
- interactivity (such as small game segments)
- animation (with or without sound, short or long)
- reader-influenced plot and/or characters
- and most importantly, a potpourri of aspects traditionally associated with comics, sequential art, and visual storytelling. You could say that it mimics comics in some ways.

Here are just some current examples of what I personally think can fit the MMIC genera. (I by no means claim that these works are MMIC's, as that is for any one respective author to define.)


Friends, readers, and the occasional passersby often help me proofread, tweak the site, give their opinion, feedback, fill out Communal Character Development Documents (CCDD's, first seen in page 78), and basically anything else I can't do myself.

Most importantly, I get an immense amount of help from the wonderfully talented code ninja and long-time bro José I. Romero, AKA "Cy." If not for him, we would lack a working site, stable server, game engine, CCDD database, and so on. This project wouldn't have been able to grow to even a fraction of what it is if not for his contributions.
Go give him some love, guys!

Thanks, everyone, and I hope we can all have fun together!


last edited: 11.Sep.2012