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So I guess the series is pretty much kaput at this point QUERY Right I don't think I'll get used to the autocorrects in this STOP


I'm a person of my word, so I will pick this back up when I have the time and money to invest in it. It does nobody any good to keep checking here, and since it's been asked about so much, I've put up a (quick and dirty) basic mailing list. Anyone still interested can be notified when the time comes, it's my responsibility, so allow me to offer this simple convenience. You can find it here.

EOI was always, and will likely continue to be, a massive time and money sink for me. With such a small following, it didn't make sense to keep at it when more important personal things came up in my life, distracting me from making content worthy of posting.

As you all know, I lived in Argentina with Cy for some time. We didn't have internet access for most of that period. I had a massive hard drive failure at some point, which was my fault and ruined the production pipeline. In one of the multiple beak-ins we had, Cy's laptop was stolen, so the original source code we had for some of the back-end and game engine is lost for good. I tried to piece my panel-production pipeline back together at the start of last month, but hit a wall. Cy and I have been working hard to get him a U.S. Visa, which would allow us to continue to be together and work together as a team in person. Meanwhile, I work 12-hour shifts as a Linux admin in the Chicago Loop. It pays well, and I'm good at it, but it's not fulfilling in any way. On the contrary, it leaves me mentally and emotionally exhausted at the end of each day, feeling less like myself every time I lay my head to rest. As a result, I haven't felt creative for a very long time.

It's in the best interest of this project that I don't jump back into the fray half-cocked, as forcing it prematurely will simply result in a spotty update schedule, continuity errors, and sub-par creative works with no soul. No updates is better than shitty updates, we all owe at least that much to ourselves. Go team phantasmagorians.

So, to anyone still remotely interested: please do leave your email address on the mailing list so I can reach out to you when that time comes.