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Since Arc 1 is coming to a close now, I'd like to do something special to kick it off. So, it's about time we unveil our Ranunculi nemesis!

I'd like to host another of our Communal Character Development Documents to decide on who the Ranunculi archer really is. We have 5 of the 10 silhouettes left to introduce, so the next CCDD will be rolled out shortly.

Also, in the finale I'd like to have a number of extras shown, so I'm putting up an open call for Phantasmagorian OC's. If you have a Phantasmagorian character of your own, you'll be able to submit your content (be it text or image) via a new option that will be appearing on the telegrams page soon.

We'll be updating here to alert y'all as soon as the CCDD and OC submissions are open.