0124 24.JUL.2012

Oh my god, Silv, now you're doing a worse job than I was.
Let me do it. Even I can do better than this, geez.
You're practically falling apart at the seams.
You're getting some facts wrong, totally misquoting me to look like a stupid brat, and how would you even know what happened in Maté's dream, anyway? You weren't even there.

Panel 1

For fuck's sake--
I'm taking creative liberties.
BUT YES, by all means! help yourself! I didn't even want to narrate, but who am I to deny your every flight of fancy? Oh, but how silly of me. Let it be known by all; one who is being reprimanded for their choice in direction has no business feeling disquiet in any such situation, and shouldn't let it impact their work. So say the petulant youth, so it must be true!
I refuse to work with this woman. I refuse to work with you.
Byyyy allll meaaaans, feel more than free to take over.
Leave me to collect myself far, far away from here.
Far from all of you.

Panel 2

Ok, fine.






Well, have at it.


I will.