0144 14.SEP.2012
Panel 1



This lack of law, what are you two on about?


Hah, you're kidding, right?
He's kidding, right?
Have you been living under a rock for the past couple hundred years?


No rock, per se, but I am far more preoccupied with matters at hand here than I am with the trivial day-to-day events of the waking. How is it that all of Europe has stopped regulating aviation? What are you alluding to?


How can you not know? I mean how is it even possible? Have you had your head up in the clouds here all your life or something?


For the vast majority of it, I suppose. And watch your tone. I would advise you to practice what you preach. For someone as clueless as yourself, it would be a double-standard to reprimand me for being cut off from reality.


Oh, man. This is bittersweet.

How about this, Maté, let's hold off until I get a foothold here. I'll need some way to repay Silver for his "help" with getting me accustomed to this place. Oh, I bet the thought of not knowing is gonna eat you up inside, you know-it-all. You really have no idea why I'm so desperate to get back to Malicent, and I didn't understand. Now I know.


Suit yourself. You wish to wait until you're acclimated? It will take quite some time, that much is certain. You may be clever in some regards, but you lack education and restraint. I've wasted an eternity here already, what's another to me? Furthermore, you forget; the world doesn't revolve around you. There are plenty of lucid dreamers whom I am sure would humor my inquiries. The question is, do I really care to ask?

Think a moment, I've been disconnected from the waking world long enough to pay no mind to it. I take back what I asked, I don't care to find out what has become of my homeland, or the world for that matter. You wish to hold something over my head as a means to get back at me? So be it. Why you feel a reason to lash out at me, I may never know. You are simply shooting the messenger. Perhaps it is youthful rebellion. Are you so desperate to have an authority figure that you can shake a fist toward? Not more than a few moments after leaving, we are at each others throats. How hot-headed must you be?

The fact of the matter is that you are here now, plain and simple. I had no direct impact on the turn of events lead to your situation. Who am I to you? Let me enlighten you. I am simply the poor sob who was assigned to deliver the sad news to you, and am now the poor sob that is to guide you. Furthermore, I only guide you to humor Yusuf. As soon as he loses interest in this pet project, I'll be free of this idiocy.

If I am to make anything clear, let it be this:
I am no man's punching bag.
And you, you are far too short to even be a man.